Sankofa Forest Deodorant (Green bottle – 30ml (1.01fl.oz)) – Wgt 47g
April 13, 2018
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Sankofa Forest Deodorant (Brown bottle – 20ml (0.68fl.oz)) – wgt 33g


Brown bottle – 20ml (0.68fl.oz)


Your Sankofa Forest Deodorant Spray is a Fremantle-made Ghana-inspired natural body deodorant with outstanding effectiveness. It’s got a unique, foresty smell overlaying a calm odor. It’s suitable for deodorizing sweaty spots: the underarms, feet, groin, hands, and between skin-folds, and comes in four different sizes for your convenience.

Sankofa’s effectiveness surpasses many antiperspirants. Look no further if what you need is a natural but an extremely effective deodorant.

Sankofa, and even the bottle, is aluminum-free. Other dangerous chemicals absent include phthalates, parabens, steareths, polysorbates, ammonium, laureth sulfates, triclosan, denatured alcohol, EDTA, MIT, PEG and phenoxyethanol.

Sankofa’s been purposely handcrafted as a spray to address the concerns of people who find it unhygienic digging their hands in their underarms to apply natural deodorant pastes, which seem to dominate the market, and/or find it uncomfortable (re)applying in public. It’s been crafted as a gender-neutral product using a few ingredients half of which are carefully selected essential oils known to provide health benefits such as minimizing irritation, firming skin and muscles, enhancing mood, and slowing down the signs of aging.

Sankofa’s tested on humans – including, ourselves and our friends and families – in Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. It’s effective in a range of weathers, including in 90%+ humidity and 30 oC+ (86 oF+) temperatures.

Kwasi ‘The Stink-man,’ as he usually calls himself, wore his Sankofa on his trips in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, London and Ghana. Whilst traveling, and for a year after that, he shaved his right underarm but grew his left underarm hair. Like in the test surveys, he found that Sankofa is fantastic for both shaven and hairy underarms.


1. Filtered water 2. Organic bicarb soda 3. Celtic natural sea salt 4. Himalayan pink salt 5. Essential oils – cedarwood, Melissa leaf, frankincense, mandarin, & lavender

6. Forest nymph oil – redwood trees, holly bushes, balsam twigs, mosses, eucalyptus leaves, red berries, & cedar fragrance notes 7. Decyl glucoside (coconut-based emulsifier)