Sankofa Premium Organic Deodorant (Glass amber bottle – 50ml (1.69fl.oz)) – wgt 118g
July 8, 2019
Unfriend Moskito (Amber Glass Bottle 50ml (1.69fl.oz)) – wgt 120g
November 11, 2019
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REFILL – Sankofa Premium Organic Deodorant (Amber Glass bottle 100 ml (3.38fl.oz)) – wgt 194g



Your Sankofa Premium Organic Deodorant Spray is a ‘Fremantle-handmade but Ghana-inspired’ organic deodorant with a revitalizing and therapeutic smell. It effectively neutralizes BO from the underarms, feet, groin, hands and skin-folds, leaving no stains. It also removes pet-related odors and other unpleasant smells.

Sankofa Premium has NO aluminum, denatured alcohol, phthalates, parabens, steareths, polysorbates, ammonium, MIT, PEG, laureth sulfates, and other garbage.

It’s difficult to find a spray deodorant that is organic and yet supremely effective and smells amazing. But guess what: Sankofa Premium combines these key deodorant qualities. If you find a more effective organic spray, come for your money. No baloney!

Kwasi calls himself the ‘stink-man.’ He smells so badly as if he’s inherited some heavy-duty, stinking genes. The ‘stink man’ used Sankofa on his trips in Australia and visits to Singapore, Thailand, London and Ghana and emerged unscathed from that atrocious smell. Whilst traveling, and even a year after that, he shaved his right underarm but grew his left underarm hair and realized how fantastic Sankofa is for both shaven and hairy underarms – just as others have confirmed.


1. Filtered water 2. Organic bicarb soda 3. Organic celtic sea salt 4. Organic himalayan pink salt 5. Organic essential oils – ylang-ylang, lemon, frankincense & lime 6. Coconut-based emulsifier (decyl glucoside)