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Sonje & Kwasi - Our Roles

As you are already aware, we women are expert at everything! I’m the person responsible for conducting research into how best to get you the most effective deodorant and personal care products. I also do all the research and make sure to provide you with all the relevant information on this website that could help contribute to improving your overall health and wellbeing.

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I can’t even tell the difference between sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, for example, but I do know they aren’t any good. It’s Kwasi, our health, fitness, and sociology doctor, who does all the things I’ve mentioned above. He’s also responsible for the business’s day-to-day operation. I guess I have to tell you what I really do now, don’t I? I’m responsible for the financial side of things.

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The Story...

How It Began

Growing up in Ghana, we kids in the family usually cleaned our teeth with boodobaa, a natural fibrous paste that we’d prepare by pounding bamboo or coconut charcoal and plantain stalk on our Mama’s traditional, cooking stone. Unbeknownst to us, the plantain stalk contained calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients that reduced our plaque acid levels and kept our enamel and teeth strong. No wonder we could crack and chew bones like dogs!

Unfortunately, my underarms weren’t doing as great; they stunk so badly – that was what Dada, my father, always told me anyway (oh and guess what: it seems I’ve managed to pass my ‘smelly genes’ onto my poor, little boy . This was disconcerting given that I was required to sell things on the street to supplement the family’s income which involved carrying them on my head with my arms up, exposing my underarms. I couldn’t afford deodorants so I tried my luck with whatever I had and that was the boodobaa. Once I started using it, Dada stopped calling me a ‘stink bug’ so I knew it was working. It was only in recent times that I learned charcoal has deodorizing properties.

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I changed from boodobaa to antiperspirants when I went to college. At one point, I was using a different antiperspirant each week day. Given the rate at which I was using antiperspirants, I wasn’t surprised that, later on, I developed strong sensitivity to them, including contact dermatitis.

Wifey and I quit using antiperspirants and began searching for a safer alternative which felt like revisiting the boodobaa days. Given that we weren’t in Ghana and couldn’t get boodobaa, we decided we’d make the most of the natural things in Australia. This notion of revisiting the past – which is symbolized traditionally by Sankofa, a mythical bird reaching backward to pick up an egg from its back – is very vital to the story. For this reason, we not only incorporated Sankofa into the business logo but we adopted it as the brand name. We also incorporated boodobaa raw materials into the logo.

Our quest for natural deodorants didn’t go well. First, they were generally ineffective, or needed reapplication several times a day. Second, those which were slightly effective were over-priced. Third, they mainly came as a paste, which we found not just unhygienic and a hassle to apply with our fingers and into hairy underarms, but embarrassing to apply in public. Finally, and more importantly, many contained the same dangerous chemicals we were avoiding.

We began researching and ultimately came up with a natural spray after nearly two years of trying, which the family, including our son and daughter, could safely use. To share the joy of our discovery, we produced a few and handed them out. We were encouraged by the suggestions to produce them for sale because of its supreme effectiveness. And here we are: We listened! With your involvement, we can sustain this venture into the future for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

Logo Description

If you’ve had the chance to read the storyline, you’d be aware that the logo incorporates a plantain crop, bamboo and coconut trees, and a Ghanaian, traditional Sankofa symbol. These elements have conceptual and meaningful significance for the business. Growing up in Ghana, we kids in the family usually cleaned our teeth with boodobaa, a natural fibrous paste that we’d prepare by pounding bamboo or coconut charcoal and plantain (like banana) stalk on our Mama’s traditional, cooking stone. Even though my teeth were fantastic, my underarms smelled horribly. And my father would constantly embarrass me by drawing attention to those putrid underarms. Given that I didn’t have access to conventional deodorants, I decided to try my luck with whatever was available, one of them being the boodobaa, which surprisingly worked well.

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